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The Importance of Date Nights

  Whether it's a date night or date day, it's important for married couples to take time from their regular day-to-day routine of life, family and responsibilities to set aside and enjoy some time as a couple. There are many great benefits to dating your spouse such as building a stronger marriage; and who doesn't want a stronger, healthier marriage? We for sure want a healthier, stronger marriage, so we make sure to have at least two date nights/days a month. It really doesn't matter if you have a date "night" or "day" the important thing is that you guys are spending time together as a couple.  Date nights help build your communication. It allows for uninterrupted time to just talk about whatever is on your mind and get to know your spouse a little more. And communication is an essential element of an intimate relationship. According to  The Gottman Institute  research, "stress-reducing" conversation can help couples stay current with wha

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